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TRIOXP TRADE FAIRS AND EVENTS was founded in 2004, presenting an unique identity in the development of events for pioneering markets.

Our team is prepared to meet the demands of associations, institutions and companies that need personalized treatment to develop their event ideas, from conferences to fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other corporate events.

In addition TRIOXP has its own events portfolio.

New project Development

We develop the project from the beginning, identifying demands, bottlenecks, potentials and viabilities.


We respect the needs, concerns and desires of our customers and partners, seeking to present an ideal model that meets their expectations.

Management and Operation

Once the project is defined, our team is prepared to assist you in sales, sponsorship acquisition, development of partners, reports, assistance to participants and finally the operationalization of the event.

Our mission is to keep up with the demands of a market in constant revolution...

Our Events

The universe of sleep quality

The only business event in Brazil focused exclusively on sleep.

Complementary therapies

an event that brings together all complementary therapies for healthcare professionals and consumers.

The non-alcoholic market

The only event dedicated to the low and non-alcoholic beverage industry in Brazil with exposition, workshops and degustations.

Improving dental technicians

A content event on business in the dental prosthetics market.

Kombucha brewers gathered

Brazil stands out as the 2nd largest market for kombucha brands.

The future of meat

An unprecedented event that brings everything about advances in laboratory meat, regulation and technology.

A sustainable market

Food, packaging and other products made from plants. A meeting that presents innovations.

The biggest event on dental prosthetics

Created by APDESPBR, it is considered the largest meeting in Brazil in the sector.

More than event organizer, we collaborate with the growth of the market and its institutions

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